I'm Maxwell Chupailo. I'm studying political science at Michigan State University. I like to take pictures of stuff and make videos, and sometimes write poetry or short stories which will all go on this website. I also like computers, sailing, and making old looking websites to name a few other things. In addition to that I play guitar and bass for fun and might post some of that here too. The blog part is a wild card, I'm not sure what that will consist of.

     This site initially began as a personal project. I used a server to host my own website after buying this domain name. When all was said and done I ended up with a nice static website. This is where I'll showcase some things as a live resume of sorts, post whatever I please, and share whatever I'm working on. There may even be a twin-stick shooter style video game in the works if I can devote enough time to it?

     Thanks for having a look around!